By Russ Wellen

What can pro-life advocates have to do with nuclear-weapons advocates. Read this comment by “The Tiny Twig” to a post on nuclear weapons at evangelical site A Deeper Story: Tales of Christ and Culture.

I think that this is another “pro-life” issue that Christians need to get behind if we’re going to be the lead voices in the anti-abortion world. It’s two-faced double speak if we don’t.

She’s responding to a dialogue between site administrator Nish and Tyler Wigg-Stevenson, founder of Two Futures Project, a groundbreaking evangelical disarmament group. The Tiny Twigg’s idea is basically the “seamless garment” or “consistent life ethic” that former Roman Catholic archbishop of Chicago Cardinal Joseph Bernardin made famous in a speech that linked abortion and nuclear war. (Not that he was the first to do so.) The archbishop said:

I am convinced that the pro-life position of the church must be developed in terms of a comprehensive and consistent ethic of life.

Also woven into his seamless garment are capital punishment, euthanasia, genetics, and modern warfare are also threads of his seamless garment.

Question: Does this association sully and in some way ultimately subvert the cause of disarmament? Or is hitching pro-life to disarmament’s wagon (or vice versa) a good idea and a small price to pay for helping to rid the world of nuclear weapons?

In other words, just how choosy can disarmament be about its bedfellows?