Nuclear Nuances and Subtleties was created to act as a base for my essays and posts on nuclear weapons and disarmament. Some will debut here, but most will have been posted first elsewhere, at Focal Points and the Faster Times. Also, in an attempt to create an online archive for my writing, interspersed with new material are essays and posts from the past (labeled as such).

One recurrent theme is my ongoing struggle to comprehend the psychology of those who cling to a national security strategy that places the lives of tens of millions of people at risk. Another is responding to the attempts of nuclear-weapons advocates, as well as many realists, to decouple nonproliferation from its traditional linkage with disarmament.

Other than that,  independent of any affiliations, my views on nuclear weapons and disarmament are those of one who feels no pressure to hew to any preordained line. While I never actually agree with the conclusions of nuclear hawks, I’m the first to concede that sometimes they understand the facts on the ground more clearly than those of us who advocate disarmament.

Finally, the art atop the home page (free web wallpaper) is the work of the late Polish fantastic realist painter Zdzisław Beksiński.